Internet Takes Bingo to the Next Level

Bingo is a game of chance that has been around for almost 500 years, and land-based Bingo halls are still fairly popular in the USA and UK. The game’s simple lottery structure and relatively modest stakes, its social nature and calling jargon, along with the chance for several players to win a prize during the course of one game, have attracted a huge fan base.

With the advent of online Bingo in 1996, and the more recent addition of mobile Bingo, the game became available to players all over the globe. Mobile Bingo sites offer many variations of the game, from the pool of 90 balls used in UK Bingo to the 75-ball pool of US Bingo, as well as versions using 30 and 80 balls.

Play is no different to land-based Bingo halls, except that the spinning barrels from which balls are drawn have been replaced by a random number generator. As with the original, mobile Bingo players buy one or more cards containing a grid of numbers (most common grids are 3 X 3, 4 X 4 and 5 X 5). The numbers are drawn from the pool at random, and the player has to match them to the numbers on their cards. Once they have matched enough numbers in a predetermined pattern, they win a prize.

For Best Mobile Bingo, Download an App

Apart from different versions of the game, online and mobile sites offer different ways to access Bingo. Players using a desktop or laptop may find it most convenient to play via their Internet browsers, using JavaScript or Adobe Flash versions of the game on the web page. However, players looking for the easiest access to mobile Bingo download an app specific to their preferred device. Bingo sites encode different versions of the same game, each version optimised for a different tablet or smartphone, so there is always a Bingo download to suit the player’s need.

Apps specific to the iPhone, iPad and Android-enabled mobile devices are available as a Bingo download, free of charge. Mobile Bingo sites also offer regular matching Bingo bonuses, in which they credit players an amount matching whatever the player deposits (or even a free bonus), thus allowing players to get longer playing time on their Bingo download, while risking less of their own bankroll.

These bonuses are promotional offers, however, so there will be terms and conditions attached; usually related to the circumstances under which players can withdraw winnings, so it is important to read the fine print carefully before players download Bingo apps or commit to any bonus offers.

More Incentives to Mobile

Instant, easy access, Bingo bonuses, and a wide variety of games on offer are not the only advantages offered by a mobile Bingo download.

Smaller sites often collaborate through a Bingo network, which allows them to pool their players and offer all of those in the pool the chance of a bigger jackpot than the site would be able to deliver on its own. Mobile Bingo sites, unlike the land-based equivalents, actually encourage chat between the players via instant message board during the game. This creates a more social environment, giving players a sense of unity as they are all pitted against the house.

The auto-daub function, whereby the Bingo download checks off matching numbers automatically and claims any wins, is perhaps the most attractive feature, as it allows even the most inattentive player to enjoy the game without ever missing a Bingo.